Key Contracts

DSS has access to the following key contracts:

ITES-3S (US Army) - Subcontractor

NAVSUP GBS - Major Subcontractor

Seaporte - Authorized Subcontractor

GSA PES/MOBIS/70 - Partner

VETS GWAC - Subcontract Partner

STARS II GWAC - Subcontract Partner

Alliant Small Business II GWAC - Subcontract Partner

CAAS IV (ACC) - Subcontractor

SWMS B (SOCOM) - Major Subcontractor

E-SITE (DIA) - Subcontractor


Our Partners

DSS partnerships include credible firms representing both large and small businesses.  Our goal is to establish and leverage proven relationships to build strategic, long term aliances that ultimately benefit our customers.  If you would like to partner on future federal business opportunities please contact business development.  For our in place Strategic Partnerships check out our Strategic Alignment area.


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